Being a company truck driver has gained huge popularity in these years. For a good reason, we must say. The freight and trucking industry is the lifeblood of the USA industry. The need for company truck drivers will continue to increase and more than the others we understand that need.  Have you considered being a company truck driver?  If you have doubts we can show you some benefits and ways to fulfill this dream.  It is always an attractive career option that has both perspective and some serious financial benefits. Our company prides itself on providing superior job matching services. We prefer both experienced drivers and rookies – let us connect you with the right company… and the right career as well.

Perks of Being a company truck driver

With an attractive paycheck, a chance to explore, being a company driver includes a myriad of benefits such are:
  • Secure work: As a company driver, you are directly employed by a trucking company. This secures consistency of your loads and you will have benefits such as health insurance and various retirement plans.
  • Once you turn the key, your day is over. You don’t need to take your job home.
  • Your home time is your free time – you don’t need to worry about your equipment, paperwork, truck maintenance.
  • No startup expenses – you will have your CDL training but the entire process is easy as a breeze. Just hop on board and start earning.
  • Attractive paycheck – no hidden fees or expenses. We will make sure that your money is indeed yours and that you don’t have to worry about various truck expenses. 
  • Easily switch the company if you are not happy with the conditions. We can find 

How to become a company truck driver?

In order to become a company truck driver you will need to fulfill certain requirements:
  • You need to have a Class A CDL.
  • Your driving record is impeccable.
  • It is a great plus if you have owner-operator experience.
Owner operators often have really rich experience with working in the trucking industry and a lot of companies see it as a plus. But if you are a beginner you also don’t need to worry because there are many opportunities for you as well!

Company truck driver training

No experience? Well, we will help you get it. If you are still a student truck driver, we can be of your assistance. We know a lot of trucking companies that can hire drivers directly. They often can cover your tuition expenses as well! We believe that everyone deserves a chance to work in such a dynamic and fast-growing industry.  Want to become a company truck driver? If you are a professional truck driver, a beginner or an owner-operator that wants to give a try to something different – we will make sure that you are in the right company.  We will together find a perfect solution that fits your needs. Give us a call and you will be on the road in no time!