Deficiency of Truck Stop Areas

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It is already common knowledge that a job of a truck driver is not easy in any sense. Long hours spent on the road, the sedentary lifestyle, the lack of healthy meal options, and the workload seemingly keep piling up are just some of the most common concerns truck drivers are faced with each day.

However, a rising concern that appears that not many people are talking about is the lack of truck stop areas. This issue is progressively becoming bigger and bigger, and it is high time that the authorities in charge recognize it and start doing something to remedy the situation.

Here, we will discuss just some of the most important reasons the lack of truck stop areas is such a huge deal and why it is becoming imperative for this to change.

The lack of rest options

As mentioned earlier, truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road. To do that and ensure good performance and maximum safety, truck drivers need proper rest. 

Now, every well-organized truck stop usually offers some type of accommodation where truck drivers can grab something to eat, take a shower, and have the proper amount of rest. Needless to say, the lack of truck stops makes all of this virtually impossible. 

As a result, more and more truckers are forced to spend the night in their vehicles, which is neither comfortable nor guarantees proper rest. Needless to say, the lack of sleep can negatively affect any driver, causing fatigue, lack of alertness, and increasing the probability of making a mistake.

The lack of food options

The lack of proper meal options is an ever-present issue as is. Needless to say, this problem becomes an even more significant issue with the ever-growing deficiency of truck stop areas. 

Poor diet and irregular meals can lead to some hazardous health problems. In addition, increased weight gain can seriously compromise truck drivers’ overall health. The unhealthy body weight can put additional stress on the driver’s back, which is already one of the areas exposed to a lot of stress. 

On top of that, junk food can negatively affect other organisms’ systems – such as the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract, which can further contribute to less-than-great overall health.

truck stop

The lack of check-up options

Another fundamental reason why the deficiency of truck stop areas is becoming such a big issue is the lack of check-up options. Ideally, every vehicle should be thoroughly checked and well-maintained before it hits the road. 

However, truck drivers should make regular vehicle check-ups at every stop, even when that is the case. This way, problems such as a faulty headlight, a deflated tire, and similar issues can be stopped and remedied on time. 

Of course, one can argue that every truck driver can make the same inspections by stopping on the side of the road, but that is neither safe nor legal in some areas. So, it becomes pretty apparent how this issue brings many more problems with it. 

Compromised security

Truck driver security needs to be the absolute priority of every trucking company. This doesn’t only apply to the fact that the vehicle they operate needs to be in top condition, but also to the fact that they need to stay safe and protected while on the road. It is already well-known that truck drivers commonly come across various shady individuals, even on well-known truck rests. 

However, if they are forced to stop just anywhere along the road – due to the lack of proper truck stops – this issue becomes even more prevalent. 

And to follow up on the first issue we have mentioned, a truck driver that is forced to rest in their vehicle – due to the ever-growing lack of other options – is not a safe truck driver. 

Therefore, with the overall safety already not being satisfactory, the lack of truck stops makes the entire situation much worse. The truck drivers must be familiar with some safety tips for truck drivers.

The only logical conclusion that can be made is that the growing deficiency of adequate truck stops is a severe issue that requires immediate attention. 

With the US struggling to find enough industry professionals, the diminishing number of proper truck stop areas is certainly not helping the situation. 

Most of us will probably agree that this situation needs to be addressed appropriately as soon as possible, as truck drivers are some of the most crucial employees. They deserve to be treated as such – which is certainly not the case where we are currently standing. 

Find your own new favorite tuck stop with our help, get some rest and some great food – you deserved it! For more information feel free to contact us!

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