A truck driving career has many perks but the truth is – the job sometimes tends to become very exhausting. When driving you to need to remain focused for hours. It takes your full attention because road safety is always your number one priority.  It is hard sometimes when you are on the road for weeks. You want a fresh home-cooked meal, a hot bath, and a friendly conversation. That is why truck stops are important. These stops offer you not just a place to rest but also that homely and familiar feeling. 

The importance of truck stops

Truck stops are here to make these long hauls a bit shorter, ones that will help you get that necessary rest for both your body and your soul you crave so much. 

In CDL hiring solutions we are always refreshing our lists of the closest truck stops. No matter where you are we can help you find that place where you will get some serious rest. 

We also included our personal favorites – you will have a unique chance to travel across the USA  so when you find it convenient, visit these and you will be back again. We promise!

Some of the most popular truck stops you need to visit

Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center – Portland, Oregon

Our personal favorite, it is called the world’s classiest truck stop for a good reason. It has been providing quality service since 1952. Here you can find a high-quality fuel and maintenance service and you can even enjoy a movie night!

Whiskey Pete’s Casino Truck Stop – Primm, North Virginia

You don’t have to go all the way to Vegas to have a great time. Whiskey Pete’s Casino Truckstop can have it all – tasty food, arcade games, slot machines, and a wonderful hotel for overnight stays. 

North Forty Truck Stop – Holladay, Tennessee

This Tennessee gem is working for 24 hours every day. You can enjoy tasty food any time of day and you can even get a relaxing massage and some awesome cowboy souvenirs.

Sapp Bros. Travel Centers – Sidney, Nebraska

This truck stop is a favorite of many female truck drivers because they pride themselves on the cleanest restrooms. Of course, it is not about restrooms – there are plenty of things you can enjoy. Lucille’s Famous Fried Chicken for example!

South of the Border – Hamer, South Carolina

This one will make you wonder if you by any chance wound up in some time machine that will transfer you back to the ‘50s. You will need to experience for yourself this authentic 50s atmosphere. 

Iowa 80 Truckstop – Walcott, Iowa

Now it is time to pay a visit to World’s Largest truckstop. It is the entire universe created for truckers – it has 900 parking spots and various amenities. 

North Forty Truck Stop- Holladay, Tennessee

Excellent service, a lot of amenities, and – have you tried fried pies? If not you need to add it to your bucket list.

These are our favorites, find your own new favorite with our help, get some rest and some great food – you deserved it!